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Family Helpline/Advice-Line and In-Home Crisis Intervention
Family Help Center provides the ONLY 24/7 Family Helpline and In-Home Crisis Intervention Program in Erie County for families in crisis. Through the
Family Helpline (892-2172), callers are put in touch with all available services, including crisis home visits anytime of the day or night.

Family Help Center also invites calls for advice to our
Family Helpline (892-2172) by relatives, friends and other community members who are concerned about children’s safety and well being. Experience has proven that they may recognize a potential problem before a crisis occurs, but are sometimes unsure of what action to take. We are here to answer questions promptly and confidentially.

Home-Based Support Services
Home visits allow our social workers to observe the family environment, monitor indicators of stress and risk of violence, and foster appropriate behaviors for both parent and child. Supportive and concrete services offer hands-on teaching and modeling of parenting and life skills, as well as assistance with day-to-day tasks such as securing community resources that address areas around basic needs, budgeting, time management, bringing the children's medicals up-to-date, etc.

Phone Follow-Up Services
When the caller leaves his/her phone number, one of our social workers calls him/her back, usually within 24 hours, to reassess the presenting problem, reiterate program options, follow-up on a referral, or to encourage a home visit to anyone who may have declined one during the initial call.

Community Health Workers
The Community Health Worker's primary focus is on women who are pregnant or have recently given birth (in the past 6 months). They will provide all pregnant women with social and emotional support, pre-natal and peri-natal education, as well as linkage to other needed services, especially medical services. Pregnant women can call the Family Helpline and be linked to a Community Health Worker for ongoing support throughout their pregnancy.

Parent Support Groups and Companion Children's Groups
People helping people, that's what the Family Help Center is all about. When possible, we facilitate parent support groups that provide safe, supportive environments to help empower parents break their isolation, share problems and solutions and learn techniques to better care for themselves and their children. Companion children’s groups, conveniently provided on-site, offer a safe, nurturing environment in which children are free to develop self-esteem and learn how to interact in a positive non-violent manner with peers.

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